Your Start in Professional Performance Testing!

LFSport - Performance Testing

This form of exercise testing offers interesting possibilities to a wide range of professionals including physicians, sport scientists and fitness clubs, who wish to improve their service with evidence based medicine and also financial benefits. The combination of breath by breath and lactate performance testing allowing a complete health program to be devolved supporting people who wish to stay healthy and well, or certain health problems such as over weight, diabetes and other civilisations illness to be over come. The GANSHORN equipment helps to give an accurate result over the personal performance with results being produced of which are also understandable for everyone. Training advice is also automatically produced based on the results and requirements of the candidate.

  • Results automatically imported from the PowerCube software LF8.
  • Easy and intuitive use.
  • Own choice graphs to determine anaerobic threshold and respiratory compensation point.
  • Direct comparison of lactate and gas thresholds.
  • Display of the aerobic-anaerobic transition area, individual aerobic threshold, individual anaerobic threshold.
  • Integrated training diaries.
  • Training advice based on test results giving heart rates and work loads simply with a mouse click.
  • Calendar with an editor for the development of own training programs for all purposes.
  • Because a picture says more than words: graphic comparison to predicted values for personal and measured data allowing the estimation of the individual performance.


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