Body Plethysmography


Ganshorn PowerCube Body+

The body plethysmography is the gold standard in pulmonary function testing. It is a very sensitive lung measurement used to detect complex or mixed lung pathology that might be missed with conventional pulmonary function tests. The body box makes it easy to detect the whole lung volume including the thoraic gas volume. It also determines the airway resistance, which makes the diagnosis of specific disorders fast and simple.

Our Body Box is the result of decades of experience in constructing body plethysmographs while using the latest technology.

Our system is the only on the market, which uses ultrasonic flow measurement as standard. This technique makes us world leading in measurment accuracy and guarantees long-term stability. Our new analysis algorithms enables you to initially differentiate between asthma, COPD, restriction or any combination of these disorders just by looking at the shape of the curve. Unlike conventional, basic systems the resistance loops will not be automatically closed but are corrected for BTPS according to the ambient conditions on a breath-by-breath basis. Our body plethysmograph is easy to use with an intuitive adjustable patient interface and automatic and simultaneous calibration of both the cabin and the mouth pressure at three different frequencies.



Online Temperature Correction (OTC)

Resistance Loops


Our system is not just calibration free, but also, because of our OTC correction principle, highly accurate. Unlike conventional systems, the resistance loops are not just extrapolated and automatically closed. They are exactly corrected online and in real time. Accurate, fast and easy. This makes us the only available systems in the world which is able to perform an online realtime BTPS restistance loop correction.

Internal studies have already demonstrated the robust functionality of this method. It will be available soon.