Bronchial Dosimeter ProvoJet®

Broncho-Provocations for Inhalational Provocation Tests

Perform inhalational provocation tests quickly and with reproducible results. GANSHORN's Provojet is a stand-alone, aerosol dosimeter that fulfills all necessary requirements no matter where the measurements are carried out. The threshold controlled, breath-synchronous application of the preset aerosol dose during the inspiration phase guarantees outstanding reproducible results.

Provocation System ProvoJet


  • In many cases the setting of the atomising time allows the usage of only one single aerosol concentration – this saves time and money.
  • Specific or non-specific bronchial challenge tests, single or multiple stage tests can be selected in a matter of seconds via the well arranged data entry pad.
  • Up to six different standard provocation series (i.e. metacholin 0.33%) permanently stored with a maximum of 10 stages each.
  • The dose per stage can alternatively be changed by either increasing the provocation fluid concentration and/or by changing the total atomising time.



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